Our Projects

In our journey, we saw ourselves entrusted by Clients changing and leading the European solar sector. Their belief in our vision and expertise has been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of the solar industry. Please, explore our achievements.

Belectric Gmbh

Location: Haringvliet, the Netherlands

Capacity: 37900 kWp


Location: Farmsum, the Netherlands

Capacity: 1540 kWp


Location: Utrecht

Capacity: 885 kWp

Go Solar NV

Location: the Netherlands

Capacity: 5-70 kWp / various gas stations

Volta Solar

Location: Maastricht, the Netherlands

Capacity: 620 kWp


Location: Cork, Ireland

Capacity: 5639 kWp


Location: Various, the Netherlands

Capacity: 120 – 1500 kWp

Green Genius

Location: Žeimiai, Lithuania

Capacity: 4200 kWp

Green Genius

Location: Subačius, Lithuania

Capacity: 1800 kWp


Location: Lazdijai, Lithuania

Capacity: 1668 kWp

Solnet Group

Location: the Netherlands, Germany

Capacity: various 90 – 400 kWp