Harvesting the sun!
Don’t you?

VINDO SOLAR BV is Solar PV energy design, installation, operation and maintenance company.

Active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Our passion for solar energy started in 2008 with the goal to contribute to affordable and clean energy.

VINDO SOLAR strategic approach:

  • Consistent: we are for long-term values and sustainability.
  • Reliable products and services: we know what we offer and why, it is reasonable solution, because we know the market and products.
  • Competitive price: our goal is to get best price and offer competitive-reasonable price for you.
  • Convenience: we operate quickly and with us you need little effort.

We will help you to select the location for a solar PV power plant and a suitable solution.

We are pleased to provide our references for solar pv installation in the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

We are constantly improving skills and knowledge, our inspectors are practical, but demanding for the quality and conformity to international and regional standards.

Diverse subsidies zijn verkrijgbaar bij de Nederlandse regering.